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We are good at solving all technical problems related to ice, heat, cold and warm, especially to help customers test and screen the products that best suit their requirements and produce high quality. Product is not the purpose, so that products in the market with very competitive is fun!

Savings carrying cold and heat energy, easy to call the continuous withdrawal, environmental health, which is fertile ground for all products in the design of the original intention of uphold the concept.

The company's entire management system from 2005 onwards through the German TUV rigorous assessment, the ISO13485 quality system certification, and experienced every three years of system updates and improvements, has been four times the optimization and rigorous calibration , Scientific and rigorous system is a good product to protect the product!


At the same time, Waldorf products are CE certified, and some products in accordance with the standard of active medical equipment, CE IIA class certification, in Germany and other EU countries have a stable customer.

At the same time in 2006 the United States FDA registered, smooth the United States and Canada and other markets.

The company's hot and cold treatment series of products adhering to high-quality, zero defect design concept, as domestic and foreign partners recognized the source of quality products.

As China's first engaged in hot and cold bag product research and development of the factory, we in the technology development and product innovation on the road never stopped, every year so that customers screaming products launched to become the object of copy is also accustomed to things!

We are willing to more open mind and professional services from domestic and foreign customers, have any questions, I hope you think of fertile land, with the phone, QQ, Skype, e-mail and other means to contact us, fertile only to the most professional and most objective Suggestions and programs that will make you serve your customers and markets!