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Shanghai ice bag detailing the use of biological ice packs

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Shanghai ice bag detailing the use of biological ice packs

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Shanghai ice bag detailing the use of biological ice packs

1. This product is an alternative to ice, the use of several times better than ordinary ice. With the insulation package (box, box, barrel) with the effective use of food to keep fresh, apply to school, work with rice, outdoor work, outdoor activities, tourism and so on.

2. It is widely used for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as aquatic products, flowers and fruits. Can also be used for medical care (cold), sports health care, beauty skin care and other fields.

3. This product is made of high-tech biological material configuration, to food-grade standards, health and environmental protection. The gels in the product are non-toxic and non-polluting ingredients, and their packaging prevents bacteria, molds and molds from growing in containers.

4. After storage, high cold storage capacity, high cold storage performance, long duration, widely used in cooling care, breast milk preservation, and medical supplies, agricultural products, fresh food refrigeration and transport

Shanghai ice bag

【Product Usage】 

1. Medical use: refrigerated transport of various biological reagents, drugs, plasma, vaccines and so on

2. Home care: physical cooling fever, cold hemostasis, injury sprain, physical therapy skin care and so on

3. Refrigerated transport: poultry meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, agricultural products, chocolate, bee products, cooked food and other items fresh transport

4. Cold preservation: breast milk preservation, beer drinks cold, food and other items of fresh storage

5. lunch fresh: summer, autumn lunch (or food) easy to degenerate. You can put the ice bag (cold) and lunch into the ice bag, in order to keep the lunch low temperature, when the need to eat, and then lunch heating food.

6, the car uses: can be used as a car refrigerator, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fresh and delicious, Icy delicious drinks and food.

7, outdoor use: is the camping, outing barbecue, fishing and long-distance travel to save the cool food, drink the ideal product.

8. Storage and cooling: energy saving; refrigerator when the release of cooling capacity, to extend the freshness of food and fruit


The things and frozen "ice pack (cold)" into the closed insulation package (box), so that it will not deteriorate fresh. (The use of time according to the different changes in the environment, more than ordinary ice thawing time several times), the solution will not produce like ice as a lot of condensate, the food will not be soaked in water.


Frozen in the refrigerator for about 10 hours to remove, and need to be refrigerated items into the insulation container used. Repeated frozen thaw, can be used endlessly.


1. This product can not be heated, can be used household cleaning agent cleaning, cleaning can not be used dishwasher.

2. Do not subject the product to heavy deformation, damage

3. Ice bag contents are not edible

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