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Shanghai ice bag disposable ice bag instructions

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Shanghai ice bag disposable ice bag instructions

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Shanghai ice bag disposable ice bag instructions

Product Description:

1, without refrigeration or freezing and any pre-cold treatment, just pinch broken bag, 2 seconds can be quickly cooled.

2, the inner bag before breaking break, inside the material for the solid, easy to carry; within the bag after the broken pinch liquid, cold to maximize the contact with the skin surface; at the same time a one-time use to avoid cross-infection.

3, non-toxic, non-corrosive.

4, easy to carry.

【Cold time】

15-20 minutes (varies depending on the method of use and ambient temperature)


1, ice ----- exercise injury after the first aid principle

The joy of the movement will also be accompanied by acute damage, ordinary ice need to save the refrigerator, but our one-time cold ice bag without cold source, rapid cooling, you can stay in the first time around you, for the physical cooling Use and sprain, mild burns and other treatment purposes.

In the hot spring, the golf course, the baseball game, the football match, the icing about

2, all kinds of sports injury, muscle strain, sprain

3, mild burns, burns

4, trauma to stop bleeding, anti-edema, heat stroke, headache, fever, toothache

5, eliminate fatigue, refreshing

6, medical first aid, physical cooling

In addition, in the absence of cold source places, a short period of time frozen fresh vegetables, fruits, beer, beverages, food, etc.


Find the inside of the ice bag liquid bag, forced pinch break the bag, can be cooled within 3 seconds. Such as shaking up and down the contents of the full mixing, ice bag will be within 2 minutes to freezing point down to 1-5 degrees Celsius.


1, one-time cold ice bag is only suitable for external use, such as accidentally damaged packaging so that the liquid stained with eyes or skin, wash with water can be. Remember not to eat!

2, in order to prevent the temperature is too low, the best use of towels or cotton wrapped in a one-time cold ice bag.

3, a one-time cold ice bag should be placed in a cool dry place, do not touch the fire.

Note: This product is non-food drink, do not eat!