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Goggles Instructions - Express special ice pack

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Goggles Instructions - Express special ice pack

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Goggles Instructions - Express special ice pack

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Cold method:

Put the goggles into the refrigerator freezer pre-cooling, 1 hour after the use of emergency, you can put into the refrigerator freezer pre-cooling, when used in the eye can be worn.

Hot pack method: You can use microwave or hot water to prepare hot eye goggles.

1. So that the goggles are immersed in boiled hot water for about 4-6 minutes

2, the goggles into the container with hot water, and then into the microwave oven with medium heat for about 30 seconds.


1, to improve eye microvascular circulation, to eliminate improved eye fatigue, recovery of ciliary muscle elasticity.

2, to improve the brain caused by excessive dizziness, forgetfulness, anorexia and other discomfort, reduce migraine, neurasthenia, insomnia and other brain fatigue syndrome.

3, to eliminate bags under the eyes, dark circles, enhance the skin around the skin finish and flexibility.


1, goggles only for external use, such as the contents of contact with eyes or skin, the application of water cleaning.

2, if accidentally eating content, should drink a lot of water and try to spit out, if necessary, should contact the doctor.

3, in order to prevent the temperature is too low, just the beginning of the best use of towels or cotton wrapped, such as the user cycle system is sick, you should consult a doctor.