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Biological ice pack, high fresh ice bag - Shanghai ice bag

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Biological ice pack, high fresh ice bag - Shanghai ice bag

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Biological ice pack, high fresh ice bag - Shanghai ice bag

  Biological ice bag is a biological products for the cold items, to maintain its low temperature, for the air ban on the use of dry ice and have to use dry ice, dry ice can not be used repeatedly high cost, difficult to buy dry areas in remote areas and many other difficulties, Temperature range of ultra-low temperature dry ice technology ice pack.

     1. Introduction

    Biological products: vaccines, iemycin, immunological preparations, insulin, serum, etc., biological vaccines in the preservation, transportation and use of all aspects of continuous cold, due to biological vaccine temperature-sensitive, from the biopsy sector to the use of vaccines Between each link, may be due to high temperature and failure. In order to ensure that the vaccine used in the planned immunization from the production, storage, transportation, distribution to the use of the entire process of proper refrigeration equipment, so that the vaccine is always placed under the provisions of the cold state to ensure that the vaccine reasonable price is not compromised. The emergence of frozen ice bags to change this problem.

     Biological vaccine ice pack

     Products can be used on aircraft aviation, can be used repeatedly low cost, there are places to use the refrigerator and other obvious advantages in the use of cost, safety and convenience, and other aspects are beyond the dry ice, changing the aviation low temperature distribution process Both prohibit the use of dry ice, but also had to use dry ice embarrassing situation.

     2. Product Features

     Not subject to aviation, trains and other restrictions, can carry on the plane train.

     Products through a variety of aviation safety certification, like the use of ordinary colloidal ice pack can be used on the aircraft, completely changed the low-temperature air distribution process both prohibit the use of dry ice, but also had to use dry ice embarrassing situation, is the product of low temperature transport refrigeration revolution Scientific research.

Can be used repeatedly, the use of low cost.

Unlike the one-time use of dry ice, the use of huge cost, which some low-temperature goods back and forth repeated transport occasions, will undoubtedly greatly reduce the use of cost.

Not geographically restricted

      Unlike dry ice can only be purchased from a large city, as long as there is a low-temperature refrigerator, you can use technology-based ultra-low temperature ice bag, which for remote areas of low-temperature transport and scientific research institutes of the field sampling is a revolutionary change.

     Health non-toxic

     Products through the ISO9002 international quality certification, proved to be safe and non-toxic products.

     Insulation time is long

     Tested by independent agencies in the United States, science and technology ice is the same size of ordinary ice holding time 6 times. Storage capacity, health and non-toxic, widely used in vaccines, diagnostic reagents, blood, low temperature food and other frozen storage of goods need to save and distribution.

     3. Product classification

     Disposable biological ice packs

     Mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all the need for refrigerated transport products, if shipped with the product shipped away, can not be recovered to re-use, with a one-time ice bag.


     First put the ice bag in the water, hand rub, so that technology ice expansion, expansion to about 1 cm for the best condition, after the expansion out of the surface of the water to dry, and then put in the refrigerator can be used frozen


     A, this product is only for cold use is not edible, such as the contents of careless eyes, the application of clean water thoroughly. If you accidentally eat, drink plenty of water and try to spit out, if necessary, please contact the doctor in time.

     B, this product is safe and stable, non-toxic and tasteless, if leaked, rinse with water can be.

     C, in the case of the bag is not damaged, can be repeated repeated use.

     Reuse biological ice packs

     Its content for the colloid, can be repeated N times, cost savings, hot and cold dual-use, high capacity, the cold source of uniform and slow release (cooling speed slower than ice 6 times), with good cold, As the ice in the cold will produce water stains, easy to make the goods damp and affect the quality, so the technology ice in air cargo is widely used.