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Efficient ice pack, ice box introduction (Shanghai ice bag)

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Efficient ice pack, ice box introduction (Shanghai ice bag)

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Efficient ice pack, ice box introduction (Shanghai ice bag)


Efficient ice pack, also known as cold storage or cold storage, the use of its high-quality storage capacity to achieve the purpose of refrigeration insulation.

Is a manufacturer of ice packs, and its high performance is determined by the composition of ice packs and is widely used in biological products, vaccines, blood products, genetic engineering drugs, biological raw materials, diagnostic reagents, food industry, etc. In every industry.


Ice bag Features:

Cold capacity

The composition of the ice pack by adding a scientific formula to increase the latent heat of water, and enhance the ice bag of the cold effect, you can make the foam box or incubator temperature to maintain a longer time.

Slow release

Bio-ice bags by changing the material properties of the ice bag material, an increase of ice bag cooling time, extended the temperature of the cold storage time.

Outside packaging is durable

  Ice packs are made of anti-pressure resistant nylon composite film, which increases the anti-compressive strength of ice packs and reduces the brittle coefficient of outer bag. It is more suitable for the practical application of the enterprise, which greatly reduces the damage rate of ice bag and more effective protection The product.