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Technology Ice Advantages - Ice packs in Shanghai

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Technology Ice Advantages - Ice packs in Shanghai

Date:2017-07-12 Author: Click:

Technology Ice Advantages - Ice packs in Shanghai

Many people may not understand our biological ice bag what is the special place, the following give you about our products and similar

Differences in biological ice packs:

A: It is now on the market

Ice packs in Shanghai

There are two kinds of biological ice packs, one is the crop extract, one is the chemical glial products, they are foreign 50 years to eliminate the technology. The biological ice bag, high-tech ice crystal structure and long-term low-temperature refrigeration insulation function to become the mainstream of today's foreign products

B: Advanced market is selling ice can only conduct lumps, in use can not make the entire insulation containers to achieve the desired temperature, while the technical ice surface tens of thousands of microporous (patented technology) and special formula to make it cool Radiation out, the temperature up to minus 190 degrees

C: bio-ice bags sold in the Chinese market today can only be cooled, can not heat, heating will explode, and bio-ice bags, high-tech ice is hot and cold (four HDR type), heating will not explode, the temperature can be Up to 180 degrees on zero

D: the market is now selling ice life is very short, generally limit the number of times, and Qingdao biological ice bag, high-tech ice can be used for 3 years

E: Today, the Chinese market sales of ice cumbersome, can not change the shape, carrying very inconvenient. While bio-ice packs are cheap, high-tech ice

Biological ice packs can be arbitrarily cut, free to put, even after freezing, can also be folded, or even cut into the required size, can take full advantage of the insulation container space