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Technology ice and water ice bag comparison: aviation ice bag

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Technology ice and water ice bag comparison: aviation ice bag

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Technology ice and water ice bag comparison: aviation ice bag

Water Inflatable Bag Disadvantages:

1, need to have someone to do the work of water injection, and water injection to a certain scale, after the completion of water, the need to squeeze out the internal air, a waste of time and labor;

2, easy to rupture, especially in the delivery process is easy to squeeze broken, resulting in material contamination within the bag insulation products, affecting your product quality;

3, with the product contact area is small, mainly by contact with the product to achieve insulation effect;

4, bulky, take up space, weight (500g / bag) part of the courier cost is to pay the ice bag.

Aviation ice bag

Hewlett-Packard Technology Ice Advantages:

1, rub soaking, technology ice automatic water absorption, about 2-3 minutes to complete the hydration process, simple and time-saving province of labor;

2, large Zhang 28 * 975px24 grid, each cell independent, businesses can according to their product status, free to cut, fold, change the size of science and technology ice;

3, the price of ice bottles on the market 600g / a, water ice bag 500g / month, the same insulation effect, science and technology ice amount of 6 or so, frozen weight is 180g, greatly reduce the cost of delivery, if it is more express, Save a lot of courier costs;

4, science and technology of ice permeability is good, by air-conditioning radiation, making the insulation products can be even cold, the entire box temperature is very low, cooling effect is good. The whole size is 28 * 975px quite two A4 paper so big, with the product contact surface, air-conditioning radiation stronger, better insulation.