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How to use ice packs and how to save them - Air ice packs

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How to use ice packs and how to save them - Air ice packs

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How to use ice packs and how to save them - Air ice packs


Bio-ice bags in the room temperature is gel-like, into the freezer 6-12 hours or so completely removed after use can be used. Can be used according to the use of the design of supporting products.

1, biological vaccine refrigeration: the vaccine is a microorganism, to be stored in the 2-8 ° c constant temperature environment to ensure its vitality and effectiveness, the temperature is too high or too low will lead to vaccine failure, bio-ice bags can be used as a cold refrigerant with a vaccine Refrigerated containers and temperature and humidity monitoring equipment can be used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the monitoring refrigerator freezer, according to the data can be increased to reduce the use of ice bags to control the temperature.

Aviation ice bag

2, food insulation: biological ice bag can be completely frozen as a cake, fresh food, cold storage can be used with food incubators or foam incubator use, storage more durable

3, medicine, ice: it is recommended not to direct contact with the skin ice skin for physical cooling, you can use a towel or other soft skin does not hurt the material pad a layer to prevent the ice bag to break the contents of the wound

4, the physical cooling: outdoor camping or simply cool the use of ice bags and cooling products can be put together

preservation method:

1, when not at room temperature in the shade, do not direct sunlight, to avoid biological ice bag bags aging rupture

2, after the ice bag can be placed in the freezer long frozen storage

3, if not careful bag was cut, you can put the contents of the biological ice bag in the bottle of mineral water tightening the cap to continue to use frozen


Not edible, if accidentally eating, as soon as possible medical examination!

Avoid sharp and sharp objects!

Bio-ice bags can be reused, every time you use food to avoid direct contact with food!