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How much temperature can the ice pack keep?

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How much temperature can the ice pack keep?

Date:2017-07-12 Author: Click:

1, the need to see the use of the environment may be the same different cold storage freezing point, the temperature will be different.

2, although all called ice bags, but many types of ice bags (-25 ℃ phase change, -18 ℃ phase change. -12 ℃ phase change, -6 ℃ phase change, 0 ℃ phase change), different temperature environment using the appropriate temperature Phase change of the ice bag. That is: the use of the environment and ice bag phase change the greater the temperature difference, the shorter the maintenance time. Express special ice pack

Express special ice pack

for example:

The same time at room temperature 25 ℃, 0 ℃ ice pack (temperature difference of 25 degrees Celsius) than -25 ℃ ice pack (temperature difference of 50 degrees Celsius) to maintain a long time.

3, the ice bag is a novel frozen medium, the thawing and melting without water pollution, can be used repeatedly, hot and cold use, the effective use of cold capacity of the same volume of ice 6 times, instead of dry ice, ice and so on. The type is simple and clear, divided into repeated use of ice packs and disposable ice packs.