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ice pack for face mask eye mask

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ice pack for face mask eye mask

About the product

  • UNIQUE: Our gel ice pack for facials utilizes a synchronized blend of all-natural,cmc which from cotton and non-toxic oils to create a soothing moldable gel wrap. It utilizes unique technology to penetrate deeply, and retain peak therapeutic temperatures for longer periods of time than other gel.

  • REUSABLE: Simply place in refrigerator or freezer until desired temperature for a cooling / ice pack effect. The gel pack is then ready to relieve your aches and pains!

  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Made to have an exact and comfortable fit for your face. Designed with two adjustable, firm fastener closures to adjust around your head for a secure and custom fit. Completely covers the sinus, forehead, and chin. 

  • THERAPEUTIC EFFECT: Cold therapy on the face reduces swelling, discomfort and pain caused by inflammation, injury, post- surgical pain & burns. Great for swollen face, dark circles, puffy eyes, sinusitis, sinus pressure, acne, relaxation, stress or fever relief, migraines or headaches.

  • FLEXIBLE, REUSABLE, SAFE: Made out of non-toxic, medical grade gel with premium PVC cover, it resists tearing and leaking. Remains flexible even while cold, allowing it to conform to the body part being treated and reach deep into the tissue to reduce pain and tension. It can be washed by simply wiping it down. If you have sensitive facial skin to hot or cold, please do not apply this product to your face.

Cold Therapy Method


  • Keep in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, it will keep the mask cold and flexible.


  • Freeze for 30 minutes. Please do not cold it in solid level.


  • Cold therapy is to soothe sinuses, reduce puffiness around eyes and offer relief to headaches&toothache, release tired eyes and refresh skin with oil and keep face clear for hours. Also it is helpful for minor migraines.


    Heat Method


    Keep it flat in microwave oven, and heat it for around 40 seconds a time based on intermediate level. If it is not warm, please heat it another 10 seconds a time. Warm application is used to relax and comfort eyes and face after cleaning your face.

Migraine Headache Relief

  • Relieve Headache & Sinus Pain. Suitable for most people who have sleeping problems. Soft and comfortable.

  • Hot Cold Therapy Pack Synthesis. Except for its facial mask function, it can be used for hot cold therapy pack as first aid kit and minor pain reliever.

Reduce Pressure and Relax Tense Facial Skin

  • Takes shape as per face contour. Relax your tired facial skin, release stress around your face line, more economic than general facial mask.

Soft Insomnia or Sleeping Problem

  • Help Relaxation & Sleep. The end-of-day-use product, skills to apply for face spa, relieves anxiety and insomnia.

Beauty Care Essential - Helper of Reflecting Skincare Products Value

  • Cold usage is good to tighten facial skin. Hot usage is ideal to open pores and promote the absorption of skincare product nutrient.